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B'Day - Mujuro of the Eight Devils
About Ilsik Haucil/Epic Taco Raiding Alliance ESO
Ilsik Haucil means Guardians/Protectors of the Hidden Hill, a city of Gondolin. Ilsik Haucil is a kinship with its beginnings in the early days of Everquest which then progressed to Lord of the Rings Online.  We have now ventured onward to the world of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online.  Our guild is primarily an Ebonheart Pact guild, but we do have a few players in the other alliances. We are a casual/family guild that enjoys exploring everything the game has to offer.

Recently IH has entered into an Alliance with Epic Taco, a new raiding guild led by the very amiable Blindhawk333 with help from Ayonia and Jeneth to work on Vet Maw of Lorkhaj progression.  Everything was fine until it was discovered that Blindhawk333, Ayonia, and Jeneth are only figureheads and the real power in the guild rests with Epic Taco, a shady goat with past connections to Molag Bal.  The alliance deal that was made is apparently for life, so the group is stuck with no way out!  We have no choice but to continue with Maw of Lorkhaj progression while dealing with the demands of said goat for slave girl outfits, kowtowing, grooming, massaging and purple drinks after every raid.  If anyone is out there please help us!
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